Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4 months in a nutshell

Taking a minute to update you on uItalics!

Corrine turned one! She is seriously the love of our lives right now. We all absolutely adore her and her every move.
She loved the cake! George and Ruby designed the cake and insisted that we put a mug of Cocoa after her name because we call her coco all the time.

She sleeps and eats great and can entertain herself as long as she is making some kind of mess. She is pulling out all the tissues from the box right now and I'm not stopping it because of the sheer look of enjoyment on her face.

She loves to snack on crushed ice. She will bring me a cup and I know exactly what that means. She adores Steve and gives him kisses when she first sees him. She loves to dance! She eats almost as much as George it seems like.

She wants to be naked all the time. Right when I get her out of her crib in the morning she is pulling on her clothes for me to take them off and she doesn't not like when I clothes on her after a bath.


George turned 6!
Keeping with tradition George opened his presents in the morning at the kitchen table. He is always so grateful for the gifts he gets. The girls were excited that morning too.

George had his first friend party. It was LEGO themed. Yes I made the cake......I know I should really go into business.....I mean look at how straight I wrote the words "Happy Birthday George" ha ha ha.

At 6 George is pretty much the best boy I could ask for. He helps with his sisters, hangs up his clothes, practices his piano, makes his bed, and says the sweetest prayers. He also has crazy energy that makes my head spin, but seriously he has been the best thing for Steve and I and our family.


It is sad but true....I have entered my last year in my 20's. Turned 29-celebrated by eating my favorite, traditional Brownie Cake from Baskin Robbins. Not a great picture but the only one we got of the festitivies.

There is more, but I must stop. Blog overload....can't deal with it! More to come.......


the coltons said...

you blogged! i love reading about what you guys have been up to. happy birthday to you and your kiddos :)

we need to get together!!! you'll have to come over to orem and check us out when there's time :)

LizzieB said...

Love. It! You have such fun and sweet kids-I really am the luckiest Aunt! Love the Lego cake and themed gift wrappings. Great pic updates of the Davis family, keep it coming!